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There are links on this page to our BT Donate page and a brand new AmaniUK Gifts website – head on over to purchase gifts for Christmas that are both useful and worthwhile. A gift for Kenya can be life changing.

Welcome to AmaniUK

Amani UK is a humanitarian charity with the aim of community development. While guided by Trustees called to do so by their Christian faith, Amani UK operates across the whole community it serves, irrespective of faith or belief.

The origins of Amani UK go back to 1986, when the project was established to bring relief to the poor of rural Kenya. Through the late 1990s awareness of HIV/AIDS grew and the devastating impact on families and communities became a reality. By the year 2000, widows and orphans were forming into community groups to better cope with the consequences. Amani UK made itself part of this changing environment by re-shaping the central project focus into one of guiding and directing the community groups into membership of projects through which Amani UK was able to channel resources and expertise.

Amani UK is a UK registered charity operating on a totally voluntary basis. With the Trustees meeting ALL expenses, overheads are nil and 100% of money donated goes to benefit the needy people of Kenya.


If you are planning a gift but want to be sure it will be both useful and worthwhile, then “Buy a Gift for Kenya” could be the answer for you: a gift for the poor of Kenya will be both useful and life changing. As with all donations to Amani UK, 100% of your Gift goes to Kenya, with 95% used to purchase the gift itself and 5% used to cover the cost of local Kenyan field staff who organise and deliver your gift to its recipient. There are no UK costs involved whatsoever.



The development of self-help groups is a key part of the work supported by Amani UK. These community groups may consist of widows, of poor farmers, or of youths


Home Based Care is an integral part of the Amani UK support for the local community, reaching out as it does to those most in need and least able to help themselves


Trade Relief is a charity supporting local enterprises to grow sustainable businesses which provide employment, services and social benefits to the local community


Early childhood development schools have been created for young children by groups of widows in their local areas. Schools links. Whilst schools links seek to establish links of friendship and co-operation between UK schools and those in Kenya

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